TriPossibilities Mission Statement is to help athletes of all abilities by providing support, education and motivation. To promote triathlon as a sport and a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage contact with other athletes and encourage the endurance athlete community as a whole. To HELP you be the BEST you can be!

2019 TriPosse Family Epic Shit Results

9/29/19 Augusta Half-Ironman
Gabor Levai
Ann Floyd
Coach Dom
Coach Helen
Andy Meyerholz

9/22/19 Members Only Tri
Gabor Levai 4th OA
Robert Barth 6th OA
Coach Dom as Guide and Joey Beckman 1st AG, 15th OA
Andy Meyerholz 20th OA

9/14/19 Women's Only Tri
Valerie Shows

9/7/19 Alabama Coastal Tri
Coach Helen 1st AG
Andy Meyerholz 1st AG
Robert Bath 3rd AG
Coach Dom
Valerie Shows
Steve Reynolds

9/1/19 Board Shorts and Bikini 5k
Valerie Shows
Coach Helen
Coach Dom
Steve Reynolds
Gabor Levai

9/1/19 Virgina Beach Half Marathon
Linzy Barth
Robert Bath

8/31/19 Virgina Beach 5k
Linzy Barth 3rd AG
Robert Bath 3rd AG

8/31/19 Virgina Beach 1 mile
Linzy Barth 1st AG

8/25/19 Traverse City Half-Ironman
Travis Richards

8/10/19 Chattahoochee Olympic Tri
Valerie Shows 2nd AG

8/10/19 Leadville 100 MTB
Scott Boulton

7/20/19 Bay St. Louis Tri
Valerie Shows 2nd AG
Travis Richards 2nd AG

7/17/19 Clapham Common Race the Sun UK 10k
Jennifer Talley

6/29/19 4th of July 5k
Steve Reynolds 3rd AG
Coach Dom
Coach Helen

6/29/19 Firecracker 5k
Valerie Shows

6/8/19 Buster Britton Memorial Tri
Coach Helen 2nd OA!!!
Coach Dom 3rd AG

6/1/19 Dirty Kanza 200
TJ Klausutis
Jennifer Talley

6/1/19 Grandman Tri
Joy Story 1st AG & PR!
Coach Helen 1st AG
Steve Reynolds PR!
Mikey Boitnot PR!
Valerie Shows PR!

5/27/19 Pineapple 5k
Mary Hoffer 1st Masters
Linda Kubicsko

5/25/19 Graffiti Bridge 5k
Coach Helen 1st AG
Coach Dom

5/19/19 Dunedin Tri
Mary Hoffer 3rd AG
Linda Kubicsko

5/18/19 Xterra Oak Mountain Championship
Coach Dom
Scott Boulton
Jeff Boulton

5/18/19 Horse Capital Marathon
Tony Lee

5/18/19 Do it in the Bush 5k
Steve Reynolds

5/11/19 Gulf Coast Half-Ironman
Coach Helen 8th AG
James Fritschle PR!
Valerie Shows PR!
Michael Boitnott PR!
Travis Richards

5/4/19 Ididaride 60k
TJ Klausutis
Jennifer Talley

4/28/19 Pensacola Tri
Coach Helen 2nd AG
James Fritschle PR!
Mike Meyering PR!
Valerie Shows PR!
Joy Story PR!
Michael Boitnott PR!
Travis Richards

4/27/19 IRONMAN Texas
Kim Godwin PR!

4/27/19 DeLuna Swim 1.2 miles
Valerie Shows PR!

4/27/19 Tour de Ranch 100k
TJ Klausutis 3:59:01
Jennifer Talley 3:59:01

4/20/19 Crawfish 5k
Valerie Shows 50:37

4/15/19 BOSTON Marathon
Coach Dom (victory lap) 5:07

4/13/19 Austin Rattler MTB
Scott Boulton 4:33:37
Jeff Boulton 5:10:45
TJ Klausutis 5:03:48
Jeff Chestney 5:05:00

4/7/19 Gulf Coast Half-Marathon
Coach Dom 2:08:19
Coach Helen 2:08:12
Joy Story (5k) 27:34 1st Place and a PR!
Valerie Shows (5k) 38:14

4/6/19 Skyway Epic 60 miles
Scott Boulton 6:08:14 PR!

4/6/19 Terrain Race
Coach Dom
Coach Helen
Keena Risola
Steve Reynolds
Jeff Boulton
James Fritschle

3/30/19 Blackwater 10 Miler
Coach Dom 1:30:29

3/24/19 Australia Coast to Coast Bike 74 miles
TJ Klausutis 4:25:29 PR!

3/23/19 Rock n'Fly 5k
Valerie Shows 42:59

3/17/19 Atlanta Half-Marathon
Mary Hoffer 2:19:56
Linda Kubicsko (5k) 39:16 PR!

3/9/19 McGuire's Prediction 5k
Tony Lee

3/9/19 Victoria Park 10k in the UK
TJ Klausutis 1:05:23 PR!

3/3/19 Skyway Bridge 10k
Linda Kubicsko 1:50:58
Mary Hoffer 1:12:54

3/2/19 Mississippi 50k
Coach Helen 5:52:01 PR! 1st time
Coach Dom (20k) 3rd Place 1:48:35

3/2/19 Dirty Pecan
Jennifer Talley Mechanical at 79 miles

3/2/19 Top of Florida
Scott Boulton
Jeff Boulton

2/23/19 Mississippi Gravel Cup #2 90 miles
Jennifer Talley 6:28:30 1st Place

2/16/19 Blackwater 50k
Tony Lee 7:06:00 PR! and 1st time

2/10/19 New Orleans Rock n'Roll Marathon
Mary Hoffer 5:06:45 PR!
TJ Klausutis 5:50:11 PR!
Linda Kubicsko (Half) 3:23:38 PR!

2/10/19 New Orleans Rock n'Roll 10k
Jennifer Talley 57:10

2/9/19 New Orleans Rock n'Roll 5k
Jennifer Talley 26:52

2/2/19 Pensacola Double Bridge Run
TJ Klausutis 1:41:53 PR!
Valerie Shows 2:00:39 PR!
Coach Dom 1:22:23
Coach Helen 1:22:13
Mikey Boitnott 1:38:21
Kim Godwin 1:41:31
Jonathan Street 1:52:30
Jennifer Talley 1:41:53
Mike Hoeflich (5k) 40:07

1/27/19 Big Beach Marathon/Half
Tony Lee (Marathon) 3:56:17 PR!
Kim Godwin (Half) 2:27:31

1/26/19 Mississippi Gravel Cup #1 104 miles
TJ Klausutis 8:01:11
Jennifer Talley 8:01:20 2nd Place

1/12/19 Tour de Felasco 50
Coach Dom (1st time)
Jennifer Talley
TJ Klausutis
Mary Hoffer
Linda Kubicsko

1/12/19 Pensacola Beach Run
Tony Lee (Half-marathon) 1:51:21 PR!
Kim Godwin (Half-marathon) 2:29:33
Valerie Shows (10K) 1:20:38
Scott Boulton (5k) 29:09


Where Athletes SUCCEED

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Our system is a one-on-one training program built around each individual athlete and optimized to deliver maximum results.

With Over 18 years combined experience


We have lifelong athletic experience, and over 18 combined years of triathlon racing & training experience. Coach Helen swam and ran competitively growing up and was a collegiate swimmer. Coach Domenick is a former semi-pro football player and experienced in various martial arts with a black belt in TaeKwonDo.

We both turned to triathlons as a way to remain competitive and healthy. Coach Dom has lost over 85 lbs. since getting involved in this new lifestyle & can help you with your weight loss goals. Coach Helen has a very active kindergartner plus two other boys, so she knows how difficult it is to be a busy mom and still make time for staying active and healthy. We have experience with Ironmans, Ultras, long distance swims, off road triathlons, all the way down to sprint triathlons and running races. Dom is a Certified USAT Coach, Strength trainer, USA Cycling Certified Coach, and an IRONMAN Certified Coach. Dom is a former teacher & coach of multiple youth sports, and Helen was a lifeguard and swim coach/instructor during high school and college.  Coach Helen is a Certified USAT Coach and certified for US Masters Swimming.



(850) 776-2685 x Coach Dom


Gulf Coast Region/Greater Pensacola Area
Gulf Breeze, Florida






Simply the best coaching available anywhere.  We design every training program as a one-on-one plan to meet the specific needs of every individual.  We assess your athletic goals and TriPossibilities creates a plan with a training volume to fit within your lifestyle.  Our mission is to give you a structured plan with support, advice, expertise, and real world experience to enable you to reach your maximum results without wasting time from your already busy schedule.  We optimize every moment of training by designing your workouts around your race goals.  We want you to train smart, train with results, and finish strong!  This is the TriPossibilities difference.


Thank you guys for the right mix of encouragement and support but not "hand-holding." Because of your emphasis on finding my self-motivation. The nutrition advice was an eye-opener too. It was hard at first to switch to eating clean, like you said "Garbage in means garbage out", and "you can't exercise your way out of a crappy diet". I notice a big difference in my mood when I train consistently and eat clean, and when I don't. -- K.R.

Strength training is an important part of overall health, longevity, and it also improves performance in racing. I started working with Dom about a year ago and our goal was to keep it interesting, and different while keeping it effective. Dom has hit on all of this and worked effectively around racing events to keep top performance at those times.-- J.B.

Love all that you represent. Appreciate your humility of running.  You're a guy that's been out of shape, went thru the motions, got active and produced results... And now wish to help others do the same.... And you've done all this without boasting, floating and putting others down. There's so many others in the Tri community that are jerks. But you've remained humble and been a guy of integrity. I appreciate it and appreciate that you've taken an interest in helping me.  Blessings and peace be with you. -- R.K.

Coach Helen has taken on the role as my swim coach and wasted zero time identifying and working towards correcting deficiencies with my stroke.  She is a very realistic coach, understanding that life continues even when trying to train.  With this thought in mind she maximizes all my workouts and ensures every workout she gives is tailored and custom-fit toward my end state goal….I can honestly say it is because of the coaching I have received and Helen’s ability to explain and teach things to me so that I can understand and apply them that I now see major improvements in my swim times and efficiency. -- A.W.

I struggled with the concept of a triathlon coach.  I never really understood the benefits of having a coach, until I started training with Coach Dom.  I have seen measurable improvements in cycling, overall strength, overall speed, and performance….Our face-to-face sessions are productive and efficient.  He always has a plan and a backup plan when necessary.  He listens as needs change, he is receptive to questions, he watches my statistics and offers encouragement, support, and advice. -- P.W.

Dom helps athletes focus on the positive aspects of training and racing, keeping their minds in a positive mode in order to overcome the roadblocks….Dom did this for me during recent training for an Ironman race.  He helped me to focus on the positive aspects of my training:  increased speed on the bike, improve bike handling, and little things like being able to grab a bottle while moving.  Dom did not allow me to dwell on negative thoughts of self-doubt.  His focus on my accomplishments, small as they may be, was what helped to focus my mind during the race. -- T.H.

Coach Dom is a strong motivator but he is also an empathetic encourager.  He understands the challenges of scheduling and parenting in modern times and he demonstrates genuine concern for those under his tutelage. -- G.B.

It's amazing how all of the pieces connect together when you have a Coach with the ability to bring everything into focus.  Coach Helen has this gift, and has started me down the path of understanding an efficient swim stroke.  It's because of her that I have seen improvements in my swim times and a rejuvenation in the desire to improve.  She understands my individual goals and has started me down a path for success. -- J.M.B.